Can You Put Aluminum Foil In An Air Fryer?

Nowadays, putting aluminum foil in the air fryer is becoming more and more popular. And many people have successfully applied it in their daily cooking.

It is not natural that this brings such popularity. However, there are still many questions surrounding this practice: What is the benefit of setting aluminum foil in the air fryer? How to take aluminum foil into an air fryer safely?

This article can help you clarify those things.

Can you put aluminum foil into the fryer?

Aluminum foil has always been regularly in cooking in every household. The reason you can use aluminum foil for this purpose is that it has high thermal conductivity.

Besides, aluminum foil will help you collect the amount of grease and debris secreted during processing during use. Because of the convenience that aluminum foil brings, cleaning and cleaning after cooking will become easier.

Maybe because of the optimal advantages that this method brings, more and more people use this method in food processing in today’s life. 

When discussing aluminum foil’s relationship with kitchen utensils, people usually think about using aluminum foil in the microwave.

However, placing aluminum foil in the microwave is not a favorite for many people because it can be dangerous if the user is not careful. Nowadays, when an air fryer becomes popular, the application of aluminum foil has received much attention from people.

An air fryer means a kitchen tool that provides many conveniences to its users. Just owning an air fryer can make many different ways of cooking with many ingredients to create delicious dishes.

Whether to take aluminum foil into an air fryer, the answer is possible. Applying this method in cooking can save you a lot of time when cleaning up after preparing food.

However, you should keep it safe by keeping the aluminum foil in place during processing. Of course, just do it with the cooking ingredients placed on top.

Some notes for you to take aluminum foil into fryer

To achieve safety during use, and at the same time bring delicious food to your family, you should read the following instructions:

1. Wrap foil inside the basket

Aluminum foil wrap should only be for food inside the basket and avoid covering or covering the outside. Some people think that wrapping foil underneath the basket increases grease and food debris collection, but this is not true.

At the same time, you should keep aluminum foil wrapped only on the bottom of the food, not the whole food, because they can affect the cooking of the product.

When wrapping the whole, the amount of air cannot circulate enough around the food, preventing them from cooking in some places.

2. Adjust the ingredients accordingly

Another point to keep in mind is not to put too many ingredients wrapped in aluminum foil at one time. When wrapping too many ingredients, the space inside the basket will be squeezed tight. So the amount of hot air inside the pot sometimes cannot fully cook some areas of food.

When you want to cook acidic foods inside the air fryer, the use of aluminum foil should be replaced by many other methods

3. Be careful with acidic foods

The last important point that you should keep in mind to use aluminum foil for ineffective cooking is not to use it when preparing acidic dishes. Although it does not cause much harm to the body, it greatly affects the perception of food taste.

This effect is because when combined with acid in a high-temperature environment, aluminum foil will undergo decomposition. 

This time, the Aluminum foil will become small black particles that stick to the surface of the food. Therefore, when you want to cook acidic foods in the air fryer, you ought to choose an alternative to make full use of aluminum foil.

Can you use Perforated Parchment Paper to replace aluminum foil?

Entirely possible! This is a perfect option that you should try for your air fryer. Sometimes it is more convenient and easier to use perforated parchment than aluminum foil. Because of the pre-perforated holes, the airflow inside the pot will circulate and cook food more easily from any angle. 

Not only that, perforated parchment makes it suitable for use in a variety of everyday processed foods, including acidic foods. When using perforated parchment in processing, cleaning the air fryer also becomes much easier and more convenient. 

If you can’t find and buy perforated parchment, you can make your own from the more commonly available sheets of regular parchment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which brands of air fryers can I take aluminum foil into or parchment paper in?

It doesn’t matter which brand of aluminum foil you use when you’re going to put them in the air fryers. You can use aluminum foil from famous brands such as Philips, Gowise, Gourmia, Power, Nuwave. Or you can also use aluminum foil from any other brand.

Safety during use does not come from the quality of aluminum foil, but from fixing the aluminum foil. So, they do not cover the fan of the air fryers and do not get caught in the machine during processing.

Can you put water in an air fryer to clean?

Like electric machines, do not flood an air fryer during cleaning as this may damage the internal machinery. 

Besides, cleaning the air fryer after use does not use hard tools. Using hard cleaning tools will damage the non-stick coating in the air fryer.

Is it toxic to use aluminum foil in the air fryer?

In applying aluminum foil in the air fryer, aluminum is still released into the food. After being ingested, digested through many stages will be in the stomach of the user. Therefore, the best way to ensure health safety is not to overuse aluminum foil but only use them to process certain dishes.

Besides, you also need to follow the instructions for use and be careful while using it to ensure safety for your health.

What do you put in air fryer foil packet meals?

You can add a lot to the process of making a meal by applying aluminum foil to the air fryer. Except for those that secrete too much water and acidic foods. Almost anything you like can be here to cook.

You can also google for delicious recipes applying aluminum foil in the air fryer for those who haven’t tried this.


With the same usage, please ensure safety while using to avoid possible damage to the kitchen. Remember, the less foil you use, the more efficient the pot will be at cooking food.

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